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Result Points What you do How to get the points Notes
Correct winner 6 Name the correct winner or draw.  Pick the correct winner.  If you pick a draw and the result is a draw, you get 10 total points for the fight. You get the points whether the result is a Split Draw, Unanimous Draw, Majority Draw or a No Contest. 
Correct win type 2 Pick either decision, KO or Draw.  You must pick correct winner to get these points You do not get credit for a KO if your fighter does not win. A DQ result counts the same as a KO. 
Correct round or decision type 2 Pick either 1st or 2nd half of fight for KO, Split or Unanimous for Decision.  Pick nothing for Draw You must pick the correct winner and the correct win type to get these points A split decision covers majority decisions as well. If there's a Technical decision before the fight ends, you do not get points if the decision happens in a round in which you predicted a KO. If a fight is 12 rounds, pick 1-6 or 7-12 for KO round. If a fight is 10 rounds, pick 1-5 or 6-10 for KO round. 

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